Recap on Teen Wolf

 Recap on Season 5 ep 13

Kira’s fox’s is out of control!

Wow lasts nights episode of Teen Wolf was spectacular!

I felt like my heart was going to explode during the entire episode! so many perfect scenes throughout the entire episode! ugh i think i was smiling so much and muttering ” Oh my god” during the whole thing that i think i even freaked out my family when i squealed. I couldn’t help myself it was freaking amazing!

I have so many questions brimming that i needed to write about it tell any teen wolf lovers/fans out there about it! So continue reading if you want to know what i thought about the episode!!

Well the first question is will Kira’s fox take over or will she be able to control it eventually since the whole test was a complete fail, at least to the skinwalkers it was.

Skin Walkers give Kira a test.

If you think about the parents on Teen Wolf are pretty bad ass for being able to deal with all the super-naturalness going on in Beacon Hills. There willing to risk their life for their children.

But they cant protect them all the time. Even a 900 year-old kitsune. Noshiko ends up taking her daughter to the desert to face the skinwalkers to get her fox under control. As the skinwalkers tell her- she is frightened of herself. Solution? to put Kira under a test, if she cant pass, then she becomes a skinwalker and stays forever. That sounds fun.

Back in Beacon Hills, Stiles is fixing his jeep ( Roscoe!) so they can take Roscoe to the desert to find Kira. Liam wants to join Scott to the desert but basically Scott rejects him and tells him not to do anything. Hmm will Liam do that? Probably not.

Tracy and Theo are searching for the beast. After finding out that the Beast of Gevaudan killed 500 people. And the Beast probably doesn’t even know its a human! so does that mean he could be walking in the halls of High School like any other normal student?

Oh and we find out Theo is not an Alpha. No red eyes and no power. He’s not happy about that.

The Beast

On the road to the desert to find Kira, Scott does a little research and finds out that The Beast was a serial killer who was later on turned into a werewolf which made him a lot better killer, and the court destroyed all documents on him. Well that is just lovely and disturbing on many levels.

Well until my next review,

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