Teen Wolf Season 5B Recap

Deucalion is back!!

teen wolf
Deucalion wants Scott’s eyes.

Well looky there, your favorite villain is back to cause more trouble.

Looks like he’s blind again and wants revenge on Scott. sigh. Will this cause trouble with Scott’s pack again just when he got his pack together. Now all he needs is Lydia to get out of the loony bin.

The episode starts with also another distasteful character. Gerard. Looks like he’s here to help find the the Beast and to stop him. Yeah right. I wonder what scheme he has up his sleeve.

Chris finds 23 bodies, rotting away with a bunch of cockroaches or whatever they were, crawling out of their bodies.. shudder.

After Maila and Braeden head out on their mission to find Deaton, who the desert wolf captured and tied up. There goes Theo ruining everything so he can get the claws that can take an Alphas power. The Beast ends up ruining the whole mother-daughter bonding thing going on there by punching through the wall and pulling Deaton through it. Maila has to make a tough decision, win the chance to kill her mom or save Deaton from the evil clutches of The Beast? Well she picks Deaton. Good choice Maila.

Looks like Lydia finally found her scream, Lydia managed to scream that saved Maila’s life and startled the desert wolf- enough for Maila to get a few good kicks.


She also fought a bunch of guards using her awesome powers. Finally a bad ass Lydia!

Theo meets with Deucalion, at which after Theo said he can have whatever he wants, the Demon Wolf revealed what he wants the most is Scotts’s eyes. Yay.

On a happy note, the episode ended with the gang happily planning a way to get Lydia out so they can complete their pack. The show has gotten so dark that it’s nice to see a happy scene.

Well Teen Wolf lovers what’s your thoughts on last nights episode?

Until my next review

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