A quick question.

Non- book/tv related!

I know, I know. This is not book related s or anything to What I write on this Blog.. But I Have a question. I’ve recently decided to try photography .

– insert awkward clapping sounds-👏

Now I’m thinking about teaching myself on my free time because I have a lot on my plate as of now, so I can’t take a photography class for an elective at school. Photography intrigues me and looks a lot of fun. I do take good pictures with just an IPhone or my old digital camera that recently took a dump on me during a picture. 👎 sigh.

I have a few questions and if you guys could please answer it would mean a lot!

1. Should I take a photography class?
I was just going to look up some tutorials on YouTube because you can find a few helpful videos out there. I also have a good friend that is excellent at photography, who can teach me a few things.

2. What’s a good beginners camera?
My mom is going to buy me something nice this month and she said she can get me a nice camera once I learn a few things. What’s a good camera? Nothing too fancy, just something nice.

3. Also a camera that can take YouTube videos nicely.
I’m starting a channel and I’m going to start doing videos on books!! Yay! 😊



Btw would you guys watch my YouTube channel?

That’s is it.

Well until next time

Chloe Books 💫




2 thoughts on “A quick question.

  1. Woohoo! I’m going to start photography soon, as I’ve been photographing for pretty much all my life! 🙂 I recommend a DSLR, cannon or nikon but if you don’t know how to use lenses perhaps a simple camera with hd function will suffice. Always, check out the “how to start a youtube channel” videos because they are so helpful!


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