Teen Wolf 05ep16 review

Warning: Lots of cussing and spasm attacks.

You have been warned.

Read at your own risk.



I watched this when my family was asleep since I didn’t have time to watch it beforehand, big fucking mistake.

⬆️⬆️⬆️ Sorry for the cussing it’s just… IM GOING CRAZY WITH EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!


I ship STYDIA and Marrish but that STYDIA moment towards the end had me feeling. Something definitely changed between Stiles and Lydia. I mean come on KISS ALREADY.

ASDFGHJKL. Sorry having another attack while writing this.

I have to admit I loved the scene where Parrish blocked Lydia’s scream with his body. That was pretty rad. But STYDIA is endgame for me, fosure.

OH God, this episode killed me.

I can’t believe Dr. Valack is dead. I guess Lydia can kill someone with just her scream. Does this mean she will be more of a badass later on and help the pack defeat the Beast?

I still don’t trust Theo even about him saying the dread doctors tricked him into killing his sister.
I’m also happy that stiles doesn’t believe in his bullcrap and finally got him to admit the real reason he wants to help.
I wish there was more scira scenes and Scott turning into a werewolf but this was a very good episode by far, my favorite of season 5b.

What did you guys think of Episode 16?

Thoughts below.
I’ll write more tomorrow , check out my Instagram for more about tonight’s episode.

Btw next review on Shannara Chronicles, Shadowhunters, and the Flash.

Until next time,

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