Books I dislike

Hello there munchkins!

Its Chloe here today with Books I truly dislike.

Twilight-( New moon and blah)- This one is definitely number one I truly dislike. Like everyone says, the romance is horrible. There was sooo many grammatical errors, there is two ways people take a stance on this- Loved or Hated. Got to agree with the hate. I couldn’t even finish the first book without having to constantly roll my eyes at every line Bella said.

He was both dazzling and dazzled.


Evermore- Another series that took me months to finish. The writing, the characters, romance, profanity-all of it is ridiculous. I read this book when I was younger and fell in love with the first book but then the second book was horrible and I couldn’t even finish it. I even forced my mom to read it and she said she couldn’t help but want to take a red pen to fix the grammar.

Fallen- Now this one wasn’t to bad, but also not the best. I felt like the protagonist was bland and only cared about what her ” Boyfriend” thought about her. Every sentence was ” Does Daniel love me?” or ” why is Daniel ignoring me?”.Nice setting though.

Now I know this probably sounds opinionated… but don’t get me wrong I love YA romance books. Just not these ones.

Until next time,

Chloe Books



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