Harry Potter Play

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play

Hello there munchkins!

Its chloe here today with some late exciting news that i just heard about today (after some intense 30 min. researching).

There is a Harry Potter Play coming this summer in London! Hence the title, Harry Potter and the cursed child.

I thought I write about this since I’m getting my car at the end of this month. Which I’m supperrrr excited about btw!

My dad was thinking about taking a trip in the new car sometime in mid March. We were thinking Portland but this play is huge to me, since I’m a big time Harry Potter fan. 😊

Now London is big because I have never traveled to far away from my hometown. But like I said this is huge and I would love to go!

Hopefully there is still some tickets left to buy, which there probably is.

Urgg Im sooo excited!!!

Are any of you Harry Potter fans attentding this play??Β 

If so, comment down below. I would love to know.

Now I am off to beg my dad to get tickets. Wish me luck. 😊😘

Until next time,

Chloe Books πŸ’«


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