Splintered Review (spoilers)


Its Chloe and today’s going to be a book review on Splintered by A.G Howard.

I bought splintered a while back ago when I went to Barnes and Noble in Redding.

This one captured my attention the moment my eyes fell on the cover.

It it is gorgeous! I love the colors, the model is gorg, but.. Sadly I don’t feel the same way about the book.


This is a re-telling of Alice in Wonderland, if you already didn’t get that from the little reference ” down the rabbit


I loved it at the start. We aren’t exactly introduced to the character at first but we are introduced to her little obsession with bugs. You know the whole killing and arranging them into her little ” morbid mosaics”. I thought that was actually pretty interesting and different from what I’ve read before.

We then realize she has a crazy mother locked up. She is in love with her best friend who seems like he doesn’t exactly return the feelings. But no it’s one of those books.  You know the ones where she tries to hide her feelings, and every little thing he does makes her hypervinalate. Then she’s sad that he doesn’t feel the same way about her because he’s dating someone else who supposedly is wayyy hotter than her. So she gets mad and it goes on and on.

God it’s so cliche, because guess what they do fall in love, later!

Major spolier! * wink, wink*

This kind of toned down my excitement for the book.

There was a lot of mistakes throughout the book, that surprised me that it even got past the editor, proofreader and all.

The whole Alice in Wonderland thing going on here, reminded me a lot of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Which is my favorite movie btw! This was the main, main reason I picked up this book. I love these dark retellings, but this one, made me extremely disappointed.

There is the talking flowers, drinks and cake making you smaller/bigger, the white rabbit, oh and yeah falling down the rabbit hole. How could I forget that one.

My brain is still reeling from all the mistakes in this book. Sigh.

The only interesting character throughout the book was the other love interest for Alyssa. Morpheus. He’s not even an main character! He was the only character actually interesting in this book.

The book was dragged on and way to long. I could hardly finish the last of it. A predicted ending. Characters are annoying. The romance in this makes me gag.

No. I’m sorry but not even Morpheus will make me pick up the second book.

Rating: 2/5 💋

Until next time,

Chloe Books 💫




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