The Murder Complex Review


Hello it’s chloe!
I’ve not written a review for bloody ages. I know! If you’re one of my many followers and were wondering where I had disappeared to, well, I’m back from a horrible reading slump , to write more book reviews and be a better book blogger! So here is a review on the book, Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings.

And as you know I only write honest reviews, which are not always fun. Well this was going to be very honest because I’m am still reeling from the bloody feels of this book. Grrr. These feelings aren’t pleasant either.

(Book purchased from kindle store)

This book was really something. Wow.

There were so many issues with this book. So let’s start with #1!!

– A very annoying, bipolar protagonist. ( The characters in general)

Now , I don’t want throw around bipolar but I really felt like she was! My goodness! She hated everything. Here’s the cycle, family comes first, then she meets boy, likes boy, hates boy, likes boy, depressed, likes boy again, beats boy up. Okay I think you get the gist. She was someone that I just hated. No emotion! ” I just murdered someone! Hehe. Let me go kiss my boyfriend to celebrate!” Cummings made zephyr the one not to feel, the one that was created in a bloody lab!!! He’s supposed to be the machine or monster. Nope. It was her.

  • Okay now zephyr was actually decent and might be my favorite in the book, because I could understand him and his pain he was feeling. Unlike freaking Meadow! But he had his downfalls where he would follow meadow like a long lost puppy. Otherwise he was decent.
  • The “adorable, cute innocent sister” The sister you’re expected to fall in love with right away. Nooooo. I felt peri was just thrown in here to just get the reader to cry because she was killed or lost. No. I didn’t know peri and she wasn’t described enough to get to know, so I did not feel love towards her character. Just a longing to get to know her.
  • The dad, crazy mother, and brother.
  • The annoying names! I swear we need to start a petition to all Dystopian authors that say,  WE DONT WANT EXTREMLY ANNOYING NAMES.
  • A plague is not needed in every book. They are being overused in many books.

Now , what was going on half the time? I felt confused. Cummings gave us so much information it was hard to store in our heads. More development. No need to give it to us in the first 7 pages.

The Romance. Oh god the romance. Here’s the summary from zephyr,” Oh my beautiful moonlight girl. I love you and even though I tried killing you, I love you. I’ll follow you anywhere. ”

I’m a little sick.. Basically zephyr fell in love instantly, so did meadow I suppose. Half the time it was mainly zephyr who came back from trying to kill her to find himself with a fish hook in his cheek from the father……

I’m Im sorry Cummings, but I won’t be picking up the second book in this series. This had so much potential!! The title, cover, characters, plot.

Im sorry for the bitter review, but I’m a bitter person.

2/5 💋

Until next time,

Chloe 🙋


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