Between the Lines review

“Everyone deserves a happy ending”


I just finished this book a few days ago, and well this is gonna be fairly short because I have to go to bed since it is 1 am. Heh.

I bought the second book thinking it was just a stand alone. Finally settled with tea in my comfy lazy boy, I read. My goodness, I was so bloody confused! Then I gave up, turned to the help of Google and goodreads, and answered the question, that was burning in my head. This is the bloody second book I’m reading! ( off the page btw)

* smacks forehead *

So I went searching on her website for a free pdf and read it. Here’s the link if you’re interested. Between the lines.

I love that it came with most of the illustrations!

Now here’s my thoughts.

I would of loved this book when I was in grade school with the fairytales, mermaids, dragons, hot princes. ❤️💁

Now I just really find it all so cheesy, or corny. This is perfect for the Tweens! Sitting in the library, immersing yourself in the magical world of Oliver and Delilah.


Eh no thanks.

This was a quick, cute, fun read but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. The romace was cheesy but adorable.  The POV of both Oliver and Delilah  was enticing and I did enjoy their banter.

Mainly half the time  Delilah really just needed someone so she fell in love with an illustration and wished for him to be real. Poof magical fairy godmother granted her wish and the beautiful Oliver talked to her and she can hear him. Now you probably get what comes next.

Her thinking she’s crazy, finally trying countless times to get him out with a concerned annoying mother breathing down her back.

I related so well to Delilah  though which is why I think I read this in a short period. Deliah and her mothers relationship reminds me of my mother and I.

” No one ever asks a kid for her opinion, but it seems to me that growing up means you stop hoping for the best, and start expecting the worst. So how do you tell an adult that maybe everything wrong with the world stems from the fact that she’s stopped believing the impossible can happen?” 

My mother is constantly telling me to go outside or get a friend and quit reading everyday!! Ugh. The pain.

“I’m weird. Everyone says so. I suppose it’because while other fifteen-year-olds are talking about the best lip gloss or which movie star is hotter, I would rather be curled up with a book.”
― Samantha van Leer

Me all day everyday. 👊

“How do you know that you are not part of a book? That someone’s not reading your story right now?”
― Jodi Picoult, Between the Lines

I can’t read withought saying weird sh** everyday just like this, that freaks out my mom and she believes I’m crazy..


This book was sweet and really corny that had me puking  rainbows.

But! I will be reading the second book Off the Page  beacause I bought it. 😂😏

There will be a review soon on it but I already started and its rather slow and uneventful.

3/5 💋

Until next time,

Chloe 💫



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