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Hello darlings,

So I decided that I’m going to catch up on all of these book reviews. I have so many from a year ago, or the “newer” ones that I just havent gotten around to doing a review on.

So in the next few days, if you’re one of my many followers, I will be uploading  a bunch of reviews on books that you probably already read.. So bear with me, I’m just now slowly catching up to the life of the party with everyone else and just need to get these reviews done. 😏

If you haven’t read my newest review here’s the link, just Click here.

Now on forward my dolls to my review!!


When first reading this book, I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed the taboo prospect of it. Now thinking back I must’ve been in a very weird mood or I was crazy. Either or.

This book needs a lot more word building. Like how did girls becoming pets become legal! Bloody hell.


Actaully you know maybe not, because if I knew anymore this book would be frightening..

The plot was disgusting but so bloody intriguing! The idea of girls being sold as pets, dressed in nice clothing, and auctioned to old creepy rich pervs, unsettled me and gave me goosebumps. Another thing that disgusted me is that they were treated like dogs! What.the.fudge.


Ella was a   very naive girl, who seemed to never freaking question things! But, as the book continued she did start to be unsure.


No duh. Bloody hell Ella.

I did like penn. I always liked hate-love relationships. He was rude and cold but then he fell in love, opening up and breaking down his walls.


The ending actually did leave me a little bit opened mouthed with suprise.



I didn’t  know there was gonna be a sequel. So I might actually look into it , since it is already out.

Overall it was weird, but just.. Eh who am I kidding it was creepy.

3/5 💋

Until next time,

Chloe 💫


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