Perfect Chemistry Review

Rating: 2/5 💋

Perfect Chemistry Review.

Hello darlings,

I’ll be doing reviews on a bunch of romance novels, so here’s one for the start.

If you have not checked out my last review , which has some important information about my blog well then Click here

I have really no idea why I wanted to read this book so much the first time I laid eyes upon it in my local bookstore. Maybe because I was feeling a little in the mood for overall cliché   romance.. because this is exactly it.

I would’ve love this when I was younger. Good girl falls for bad boy. I would of gone crazy to read this secretly. Now.. Well no.



Brittany the white,rich, and perfect girl. Who in fact had a good freaking life but just with a sister who she has to take care of, stuck up mother, and no backbone father. Okay maybe not too good but still!

So she gets sick of here uptight life and falls for a rebellious bad boy, which Elkeles emphasized was very Mexican. We get the bloody point!

Please stop..

This book was cliché, overly simple, and like reading a kids picture book. The whole gang didn’t even seem threatening, the annoying ex girlfriend who practically was a- oops. *cough* sorry. That wasn’t going to be nice.


The romance was cheesy, bland, sappy, made me puke.

Chemistry? They had chemistry!?


And why does every character fall in love in high school!? Not me. I sit there in absolute boredom, half asleep with drool on my face. I’m not thinking about falling in love.



Let alone sappy love. Plus I’m there to learn. No wonder every character fails and doesn’t graduate.


The writing was stiff. But the book I suppose had its good sides, fast paced, mushy romance, naughty scenes, and Spanish!!! Big thing for me since I speak it at home.

So overall, it’s good for the YA crowd and I do recommend if this what you love. You should check it out. Click here

Until next time, (writing another review in like an hour)

Chloe 💫


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