Perfect Chemistry Review

Rating: 2/5 💋

Perfect Chemistry Review.

Hello darlings,

I’ll be doing reviews on a bunch of romance novels, so here’s one for the start.

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I have really no idea why I wanted to read this book so much the first time I laid eyes upon it in my local bookstore. Maybe because I was feeling a little in the mood for overall cliché   romance.. because this is exactly it.

I would’ve love this when I was younger. Good girl falls for bad boy. I would of gone crazy to read this secretly. Now.. Well no.



Brittany the white,rich, and perfect girl. Who in fact had a good freaking life but just with a sister who she has to take care of, stuck up mother, and no backbone father. Okay maybe not too good but still!

So she gets sick of here uptight life and falls for a rebellious bad boy, which Elkeles emphasized was very Mexican. We get the bloody point!

Please stop..

This book was cliché, overly simple, and like reading a kids picture book. The whole gang didn’t even seem threatening, the annoying ex girlfriend who practically was a- oops. *cough* sorry. That wasn’t going to be nice.


The romance was cheesy, bland, sappy, made me puke.

Chemistry? They had chemistry!?


And why does every character fall in love in high school!? Not me. I sit there in absolute boredom, half asleep with drool on my face. I’m not thinking about falling in love.



Let alone sappy love. Plus I’m there to learn. No wonder every character fails and doesn’t graduate.


The writing was stiff. But the book I suppose had its good sides, fast paced, mushy romance, naughty scenes, and Spanish!!! Big thing for me since I speak it at home.

So overall, it’s good for the YA crowd and I do recommend if this what you love. You should check it out. Click here

Until next time, (writing another review in like an hour)

Chloe 💫


Perfected Review

Hello darlings,

So I decided that I’m going to catch up on all of these book reviews. I have so many from a year ago, or the “newer” ones that I just havent gotten around to doing a review on.

So in the next few days, if you’re one of my many followers, I will be uploading  a bunch of reviews on books that you probably already read.. So bear with me, I’m just now slowly catching up to the life of the party with everyone else and just need to get these reviews done. 😏

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Now on forward my dolls to my review!!


When first reading this book, I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed the taboo prospect of it. Now thinking back I must’ve been in a very weird mood or I was crazy. Either or.

This book needs a lot more word building. Like how did girls becoming pets become legal! Bloody hell.


Actaully you know maybe not, because if I knew anymore this book would be frightening..

The plot was disgusting but so bloody intriguing! The idea of girls being sold as pets, dressed in nice clothing, and auctioned to old creepy rich pervs, unsettled me and gave me goosebumps. Another thing that disgusted me is that they were treated like dogs! What.the.fudge.


Ella was a   very naive girl, who seemed to never freaking question things! But, as the book continued she did start to be unsure.


No duh. Bloody hell Ella.

I did like penn. I always liked hate-love relationships. He was rude and cold but then he fell in love, opening up and breaking down his walls.


The ending actually did leave me a little bit opened mouthed with suprise.



I didn’t  know there was gonna be a sequel. So I might actually look into it , since it is already out.

Overall it was weird, but just.. Eh who am I kidding it was creepy.

3/5 💋

Until next time,

Chloe 💫

Between the Lines review

“Everyone deserves a happy ending”


I just finished this book a few days ago, and well this is gonna be fairly short because I have to go to bed since it is 1 am. Heh.

I bought the second book thinking it was just a stand alone. Finally settled with tea in my comfy lazy boy, I read. My goodness, I was so bloody confused! Then I gave up, turned to the help of Google and goodreads, and answered the question, that was burning in my head. This is the bloody second book I’m reading! ( off the page btw)

* smacks forehead *

So I went searching on her website for a free pdf and read it. Here’s the link if you’re interested. Between the lines.

I love that it came with most of the illustrations!

Now here’s my thoughts.

I would of loved this book when I was in grade school with the fairytales, mermaids, dragons, hot princes. ❤️💁

Now I just really find it all so cheesy, or corny. This is perfect for the Tweens! Sitting in the library, immersing yourself in the magical world of Oliver and Delilah.


Eh no thanks.

This was a quick, cute, fun read but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. The romace was cheesy but adorable.  The POV of both Oliver and Delilah  was enticing and I did enjoy their banter.

Mainly half the time  Delilah really just needed someone so she fell in love with an illustration and wished for him to be real. Poof magical fairy godmother granted her wish and the beautiful Oliver talked to her and she can hear him. Now you probably get what comes next.

Her thinking she’s crazy, finally trying countless times to get him out with a concerned annoying mother breathing down her back.

I related so well to Delilah  though which is why I think I read this in a short period. Deliah and her mothers relationship reminds me of my mother and I.

” No one ever asks a kid for her opinion, but it seems to me that growing up means you stop hoping for the best, and start expecting the worst. So how do you tell an adult that maybe everything wrong with the world stems from the fact that she’s stopped believing the impossible can happen?” 

My mother is constantly telling me to go outside or get a friend and quit reading everyday!! Ugh. The pain.

“I’m weird. Everyone says so. I suppose it’because while other fifteen-year-olds are talking about the best lip gloss or which movie star is hotter, I would rather be curled up with a book.”
― Samantha van Leer

Me all day everyday. 👊

“How do you know that you are not part of a book? That someone’s not reading your story right now?”
― Jodi Picoult, Between the Lines

I can’t read withought saying weird sh** everyday just like this, that freaks out my mom and she believes I’m crazy..


This book was sweet and really corny that had me puking  rainbows.

But! I will be reading the second book Off the Page  beacause I bought it. 😂😏

There will be a review soon on it but I already started and its rather slow and uneventful.

3/5 💋

Until next time,

Chloe 💫


I’ll give you the Sun Review★★❗❗❗❗


Review on I will give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson.


I Have  checked out this book at my local library, because I’ve heard soo many mixed reviews about this book from friends. Now after I finished it I loved it! I then bought it to have an copy on my bookshelve.

I don’t really have much to say but that… It was… AMAZING.

This will be a fairly short review. So here it is. 🙂


— This book just became like my favorite contemporary novel and favorite of allll time!!!

— It plucked at my heartsrings. Had me brimming with soo many emotions. First I was happy, then one second I was angry. I was frustrated and grrr! So many!

I was absolutely ecstatic, especially at the ending. I loved how it was funny. I also loved the romance! Now there is a gay character in the book, the brother. His relationship was my favorite in the entire book. Not the sister although I did love her too. It’s a beautifully written coming of age story! I read it in just two days!

Like I said in my last review I’m a fairly fast reader! So that means I loved it!!! I couldn’t wait to tell you guys how much I loved it!

I want to reread it again already.

Highly recommend it to everyone!!!

Like read it RIGHT NOW!!!

like now..

Okay until next time bookmonsters,

Lots of kisses,

Chloe Books.

Rating: 5/5 💋

Read It!!

This is a very old review, that was saved in y drafts. So I decided to publish it. I sound very kiddish.. I do apologize.




Carry On Review

“You have to pretend that you get an endgame. You have to carry on like you will; otherwise, you can’t carry on at all.”


Hello darlings!

Today I have another book review for y’all. I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, with being on summer vacation and having the house mostly to myself, I’ve been able to read which means I’ve been finishing books in just days.

Sigh. Where has my life gone!?

Well no time for dramatics. Let’s Carry On.   Hah. Get it? No? Okay I’ll stop.

This is my very first time ever reading one of Rainbow Rowell’s books. I did take a interest to Fangirl by her quite awhile back but me being me, I was broke and couldn’t buy it.

The pain.

Constantly me in bookstores with every beautiful book.


Okay this book has become my July favorite.

It was adorable, funny, had me laughing at times, and swooning over Simon and Baz.

Rainbow Rowell has a very unique writing style, and somehow this made the characters more real to me.

For the beginning. We start the book in Simons POV, where he spends half the time worrying and obsessing over Baz, which was a little annoying at times but did make me smile for most.

We find out Simon is the chosen one and the Humdrum has been after him for awhile. He has a bestie named Penelope, a gf named Agatha. ( more on her later) and an enemy he hates, Baz.

The characters were perfect to me, well some , which brings me to the many POV’s.

Now I have a very hard time reading novels with many character POV’s. Just doesn’t sit well with me and ends up making me very annoyed. I had a problem like this with , The Prophecy of Arcadia by M.H Soars. Just no. No.

Now Im gonna start with the downfalls.



I did feel a little disappointed like I would in my own child (because this book is my baby. ) I felt like Rowell needed to work on this. She was so close! When reading Simon I got the gist of who he was. Then we switched to Penelope and she sounded exactly like Simon! In fact most of the characters sounded like Simon that I got so bloody confused that I found myself Turing back to the chapter to see who I was reading. I did feel a little weird at first as to why we had Lucys POV, and I really felt no need for Agatha who made me extremely depressed. I feel like just Simon and Baz would’ve been just fine.

I did feel like the book was a very slow in the beginning.

Simon never really used his powers but just the sword, that was irking me. Even Penelope who wasn’t the chosen one was using her powers more.

Simon not believing Baz towards the end. Being a little bit oblivious.

Agatha was basically just put in the book as Simons gf to have an obstacle of Baz and Simon. She made me very depressed and annoyed me to the extreme.

Okay that’s it. Now onto the Pros!

I was anticipating Baz for book 1 and then when he finally showed and Simon sprung out of his chair. My emotions!

“When I felt myself slipping too far, I held on to the one thing I’m always sure of—
Blue eyes.
Bronze curls.
The fact that Simon Snow is the most powerful magician alive. That nothing can hurt him, not even me.
That Simon Snow is alive.
And I’m hopelessly in love with him.”

Finally! After the hate-love thing going on we get Baz who admits his feelings. Now I thought it was going to be the other way around with Simon who admits his feelings. I like how it’s the cool -collected Baz.

We get a lot more of their relationship that became otp, on Christmas break. Which had me smiling and dying of feels..

“I lift up his chin. “Baz.”
“Go away, Snow.”
“You’re not a monster,” I say. His face is cold as a corpse in my hand. “I was wrong. All those years. You’re a bully. And a snob. And a complete arsehole. But you’re not one of them.”

Another thing was the friendship between Penny and Baz. Which was awesome. I loved how loyal and trustworthy she was of Simon. She wasn’t scared of him and rushed head first into danger, whenever anything happened to her bestie.

Penny was a favorite of mine.

This isn’t my first rodeo with LGBT community and reading about an gay couple. This one though was amazing. Otp right here. YASS.


That is exactly how I pictured Simon! Now here’s a picture of Baz.


Image was from:

Okay so overall, this was such an amazing read!



5/5 💋

Until next time,

Chloe 💁

The Murder Complex Review


Hello it’s chloe!
I’ve not written a review for bloody ages. I know! If you’re one of my many followers and were wondering where I had disappeared to, well, I’m back from a horrible reading slump , to write more book reviews and be a better book blogger! So here is a review on the book, Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings.

And as you know I only write honest reviews, which are not always fun. Well this was going to be very honest because I’m am still reeling from the bloody feels of this book. Grrr. These feelings aren’t pleasant either.

(Book purchased from kindle store)

This book was really something. Wow.

There were so many issues with this book. So let’s start with #1!!

– A very annoying, bipolar protagonist. ( The characters in general)

Now , I don’t want throw around bipolar but I really felt like she was! My goodness! She hated everything. Here’s the cycle, family comes first, then she meets boy, likes boy, hates boy, likes boy, depressed, likes boy again, beats boy up. Okay I think you get the gist. She was someone that I just hated. No emotion! ” I just murdered someone! Hehe. Let me go kiss my boyfriend to celebrate!” Cummings made zephyr the one not to feel, the one that was created in a bloody lab!!! He’s supposed to be the machine or monster. Nope. It was her.

  • Okay now zephyr was actually decent and might be my favorite in the book, because I could understand him and his pain he was feeling. Unlike freaking Meadow! But he had his downfalls where he would follow meadow like a long lost puppy. Otherwise he was decent.
  • The “adorable, cute innocent sister” The sister you’re expected to fall in love with right away. Nooooo. I felt peri was just thrown in here to just get the reader to cry because she was killed or lost. No. I didn’t know peri and she wasn’t described enough to get to know, so I did not feel love towards her character. Just a longing to get to know her.
  • The dad, crazy mother, and brother.
  • The annoying names! I swear we need to start a petition to all Dystopian authors that say,  WE DONT WANT EXTREMLY ANNOYING NAMES.
  • A plague is not needed in every book. They are being overused in many books.

Now , what was going on half the time? I felt confused. Cummings gave us so much information it was hard to store in our heads. More development. No need to give it to us in the first 7 pages.

The Romance. Oh god the romance. Here’s the summary from zephyr,” Oh my beautiful moonlight girl. I love you and even though I tried killing you, I love you. I’ll follow you anywhere. ”

I’m a little sick.. Basically zephyr fell in love instantly, so did meadow I suppose. Half the time it was mainly zephyr who came back from trying to kill her to find himself with a fish hook in his cheek from the father……

I’m Im sorry Cummings, but I won’t be picking up the second book in this series. This had so much potential!! The title, cover, characters, plot.

Im sorry for the bitter review, but I’m a bitter person.

2/5 💋

Until next time,

Chloe 🙋

I’m back-


I’m back. I’ve been super lazy in updating my posts. I’ve been in a hugeeee reading slump for so long. It’s finally breaking, but I still need time.

So this is mainly why I haven’t posted for months now!

I’m sorry. I’m back. I won’t be posting too much but at least every 2 days of the week.

I want to start a fandom blog, I do have a category under fandom but idk. I do want to start one on fashion. Since I’m working on my weight loss..

Please comment which one I should do!?

Well until next time,

Chloe ➰

Splintered Review (spoilers)


Its Chloe and today’s going to be a book review on Splintered by A.G Howard.

I bought splintered a while back ago when I went to Barnes and Noble in Redding.

This one captured my attention the moment my eyes fell on the cover.

It it is gorgeous! I love the colors, the model is gorg, but.. Sadly I don’t feel the same way about the book.


This is a re-telling of Alice in Wonderland, if you already didn’t get that from the little reference ” down the rabbit


I loved it at the start. We aren’t exactly introduced to the character at first but we are introduced to her little obsession with bugs. You know the whole killing and arranging them into her little ” morbid mosaics”. I thought that was actually pretty interesting and different from what I’ve read before.

We then realize she has a crazy mother locked up. She is in love with her best friend who seems like he doesn’t exactly return the feelings. But no it’s one of those books.  You know the ones where she tries to hide her feelings, and every little thing he does makes her hypervinalate. Then she’s sad that he doesn’t feel the same way about her because he’s dating someone else who supposedly is wayyy hotter than her. So she gets mad and it goes on and on.

God it’s so cliche, because guess what they do fall in love, later!

Major spolier! * wink, wink*

This kind of toned down my excitement for the book.

There was a lot of mistakes throughout the book, that surprised me that it even got past the editor, proofreader and all.

The whole Alice in Wonderland thing going on here, reminded me a lot of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Which is my favorite movie btw! This was the main, main reason I picked up this book. I love these dark retellings, but this one, made me extremely disappointed.

There is the talking flowers, drinks and cake making you smaller/bigger, the white rabbit, oh and yeah falling down the rabbit hole. How could I forget that one.

My brain is still reeling from all the mistakes in this book. Sigh.

The only interesting character throughout the book was the other love interest for Alyssa. Morpheus. He’s not even an main character! He was the only character actually interesting in this book.

The book was dragged on and way to long. I could hardly finish the last of it. A predicted ending. Characters are annoying. The romance in this makes me gag.

No. I’m sorry but not even Morpheus will make me pick up the second book.

Rating: 2/5 💋

Until next time,

Chloe Books 💫